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Experience for yourself the luxury of Savile Row tailoring. Handmade suits, with a tailored fit and feel that is incomparable to anything else you’ll wear.


We make the world’s finest handcrafted clothes. Bespoke designs that you will love for a lifetime. Our extensive tailoring services celebrate the very best that the human hand can make and that money can buy. You can expect over 180 years of tailoring expertise, lovingly stitched in every bespoke garment.


Our bespoke tailoring services start at £3500 for a  two-piece bespoke suit. For the same cost as a regular made-to-measure service, you can now enjoy a fully bespoke experience from the legendary Savile Row tailoring house.

  • Huntsman Bespoke & Bespoke 1849

    We offer two fully bespoke tailoring services to suit our clients.

    Bespoke 1849 is our celebrated bespoke tailoring service, little changed since the original founding of the house to the present day. Enjoy a Savile Row tailored suit cut and crafted by the best hands in the business.

    Huntsman Bespoke is the ultimate new bespoke offering for the time-conscious modern gentleman. A bespoke suit costs from £3,500, and is delivered between 6 to 8 weeks. This bespoke service offers the same unmatched quality and prestige from one of the most iconic houses on Savile Row, optimised for a more convenient bespoke experience.


  • Bespoke Shirts

    Our clients deserve the best of bespoke when it comes to choosing a tailor-made suit, and with our bespoke shirting service this is reflected in every aspect of your wardrobe.

    As the style and tailored fit of the shirt is an essential part of your comfort and elegance, you leverage your trusted relationship with your cutter, who knows exactly what colours, patterns and style suits you.


  • Classically Contemporary Tweeds

    Once inseparable from country life, now the choice of the well-dressed around the world. A signature collection of subtle tones and distinctive, bold checks available only in limited editions.

    The thrill of seeing your tweed come from loom to tailor-made garment is insurmountable. From classic country-tones to contemporary tweeds for city wear, you’ll come to realise why we are known as the house of bespoke tweeds. In the heart of Savile Row, we are the only bespoke tailors to offer you the opportunity to design your own tweed have it sampled in-house, for the ultimate tweed experience. Our tweed tailored suits and accessories can be as bold and brilliant or as subtle and sophisticated as you like, get inspired with our archive tweed ledgers and let us guide you through the entire process, for a bespoke tweed service like none other.

  • Inherited Alteration Service

    You’ll come to appreciate the true value and quality of a bespoke suit when you’re still enjoying it in 20 years’ time. Our garments aren’t just tailor-made to look fantastic, they’re made to last a lifetime and with proper care, can last several lifetimes, making a bespoke commission a worthy investment.

    This is why we now pleased to offer a service for clients who have inherited a Huntsman suit or jacket from a loved one. You are invited to bring the garment in store for an appraisal with a Huntsman tailor to assess the work required to reimagine your garment.

    Perhaps it’s a much loved bespoke suit, passed down from a parent, which you’ve been longing to wear, or indeed pass down yourself. Now we invite you back, to breathe new life into your bespoke clothing.

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Nick Foulkes

“It is hard to be unimpressed by the miracle of tailoring: how a set of figures read off a measuring tape and translated into a paper pattern, becomes something that almost lives – a second skin in which to feel supremely comfortable”

  • Environmentally Conscious 

    We have for some time been working with cloth merchants and mills that work on creating bespoke cloths that are environmentally conscious, sustainably sourced, and ecologically sensitive. Now, we offer our most comprehensive collection to date.

  • Cloth for every

    A light wool bespoke suit for the boardroom. A tailor-made tweed sports jacket for the country. A velvet smoking jacket for cocktail parties. For every occasion, for every bespoke commission, there is the perfect choice of cloth. The finest tailoring fabrics from around the world, for bespoke clothing that is fit for every occasion. Cloths of rarity and finesse, and house exclusives. Created by our Creative Director, Campbell Carey for the best bespoke tailoring experiences.


  • An iconic

    Slim, structured, sophisticated: the signature house silhouette is tight through the chest, tapers into the waist and pulls back with a little kick to create a tall, lean line. Perfectly elegant, quintessentially British. Our one button house cut has defined generations of Huntsmen. For a bespoke suit that elevates and flatters, with a neat waist and high armholes for added comfort and movement. It was our legendary Head Cutter Colin Hammick who defined the shape of the house silhouette, making a tailored suit from Huntsman instantly recognisable, however, its equestrian origins began long before.

  • The style

    Our bespoke tailoring services tell of a long tradition of tailoring for gentlemen and ladies through their lives, advising on style, cut and design for each and every environment. A tailored suit from Huntsman is the benchmark of sophisticated design and bespoke excellence.

Why Bespoke?

The Finest Fit | Unparralled Quality | A Sartorial Legacy


Huntsman bespoke is world-renowned for being the finest tailoring on Savile Row and starts at £3,500, which is competitive with the cost of a made-to-measure service, however with the world of bespoke, you’ll experience another level of luxury.



The Beauty Of Bespoke

Bespoke tailoring is handmade exclusively for you. No two bodies are the same, and so no two bespoke garments are the same, which is why for each commission we take up to 50 measurements. You’ll be able to tell from your first fitting the difference with bespoke. Something tailor-made just for you, it fits like a second skin. A bespoke suit has the ability to elevate and empower you, whilst being a joy to wear. Hours of handwork by the most highly skilled men and women on Savile Row go into the soul of every tailor-made garment.


It’s why we’ll see you at least three times for your fittings and why no tailor-made garment leaves our shop until you’re completely satisfied. Bespoke allows you that extra level of personalisation, whether it’s the private luxury of a silk printed lining, half an inch on a cuff or a suit you’ll want to live in, the quality of bespoke speaks for itself when you’re still enjoying your garments in 20 years time.

Bespoke Vs Made-To-Measure

Whilst other tailors offer a Made-To-Measure service, we’re proud to dedicate our services exclusively to bespoke tailoring. Made To Measure garments is a type of custom clothing that can be altered to your frame using a standard-sized base pattern, which means that whilst you can experience some modification to meet your specifications, you’ll never truly get that exclusive feeling of wearing bespoke. What’s more, our bespoke services start at £3500, which is competitive with Made-To- Measure prices. Why settle for a Made-To-Order block, when you can invest in the best of bespoke.



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