The Huntsman Team




Head Cutter and Creative Director

Campbell has an innate sense of cut and a deep sensitivity for cloth, which he ascribes in part to his connection with the landscapes of his Scottish island home. They make him a superb choice for Creative Director at Huntsman. Look out for him in Kingsman: The Secret Service.


Head Cutter

Dario’s father John is a well-known maker of bespoke shoes, and his uncle is the boxing legend, Primo Carnera. Both men have given him a passion for style and an eye for detail, qualities that have been honed through his training and long years at Huntsman.


Head Ladieswear Cutter

A pinnacle of the trade, Magdalena teaches at the London College of Fashion and is now championing the Huntsman ladieswear department. As a natural maker, Magdalena enjoys upholstery, furniture renovation and gardening outside of our Savile Row home.

“For those who still think tailoring is boring, I say: It doesn’t have to be! With bespoke tailoring, your imagination is your greatest asset. For a woman, finding a wardrobe that is functional, fits perfectly and is a reflection of their personal style is a great joy. I hope to help Huntsman ladies achieve total sartorial satisfaction.”


Senior Cutter

“Everyone has their own style, and it may not be yours but when there is a freedom to communicate it, it helps in understanding your own even better.”

Meet Thomas-Pierre Carr, who has newly been appointed as Senior Cutter of the USA, where he continues to share his passion for bespoke tailoring here at Huntsman.



“Fashion should always be functional, and functionality is different for everybody.” Hailing from a background in fashion design, Freni gained a melting pot of experience across tailoring, cutting and CAD design, and completed her training as an undercutter to Campbell Carey. She is now one of our many talented Cutters here at Huntsman.



"I’ve always had a love for clothes, and for style more generally, I suppose. I found myself working in menswear and feeling a pull towards the smarter end of the wardrobe, the ability for tailoring to sculpt a wealth of differing silhouettes."

Introducing Mike Deans, the newest member of our cutting team. With his wealth of experience in bespoke tailoring, Mike brings a fresh perspective and unparalleled expertise to our craft.



From the rich history of this tailoring house, to working with incredible cutters and tailors, there are many reasons I value Huntsman. Dario has been a tremendous mentor and I am constantly learning how to perfect my craft. When drafting a pattern, Dario taught me to think like a tailor and ask myself ‘how would a tailor put this together?’ Once that concept is understood it becomes a true collaboration.”

Meet Dmitri Kyriacou, new undercutter at Huntsman to Head Cutter Dario Carnera. 




I enjoy tailoring that lies in the realms of tradition but can also have something more interesting to it. Being able to manipulate fabrics rather than just sticking to the way they ‘should be’ treated. That’s what makes bespoke tailoring so unique, you use the beautiful process of crafting a garment but can make something bold and unconventional.” 

Meet Adam Duncan, Campbell Carey’s undercutter, who has been a part of the Huntsman team for six months now. He shares his insights on his passion for bespoke tailoring and his time working alongside Campbell. 



"The thing that makes Bespoke Tailoring unique is that you have a garment that lasts a lifetime, have something made exactly to your measurements and have something that gives you an enormous amount of comfort."


Trimming Assistant

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Her passion towards tailoring started in 2017 when she first came to London as an exchange student. Walking past Savile Row countless times, she instinctively knew that this was where she would work.

Having interned for four different fashion companies for the last six years and graduated with a master’s degree in menswear at the University of Westminster, she is now exploring the tailoring world and settling in the perfect place where she dreamt of working.