Magdalena Handwerker | A Bespoke Profile

“For those who still think tailoring is boring, I say: It doesn’t have to be! With bespoke tailoring, your imagination is your greatest asset. For a woman, finding a wardrobe that is functional, fits perfectly and is a reflection of their personal style is a great joy. I hope to help Huntsman ladies achieve total sartorial satisfaction.”

Meet Magdalena, our Head Ladieswear Cutter. A pinnacle of the trade, Magdalena champions the Huntsman ladieswear department as well as teaching at the London College of Fashion. Ahead of our ladies’ trunk show, we caught up with Magdalena to find out what inspires her, what excites her, and what’s next for ladies

1) As a cutter what is the most necessary part of your day?

Honestly, every part of the day is important, although I am definitely a morning person- it’s amazing what can be achieved before noon. Those valuable hours are vital for planning for what I will do with my day.

2) What are you currently reading?

The Alchemist

3) When are you most inspired?

my inspiration comes from talking to interesting people, in my role I’m fortunate enough to meet many of them!

4) Looking forward to spring, what will be a new addition to your wardrobe?

Unstructured two-piece suits

5) What is your favourite Huntswoman of Tomorrow look? Why?

The Marlene is one of my favourites, it’s timeless and effortlessly chic.  

I also like the Hepburn, slightly more unconventional, a totally new take on bellows pockets- deeply rooted in Huntsman heritage, with a contemporary twist!

6) As an educator, what has excited you from your students this year?

Every year brings a new group of students with unique perspectives and big ideas, but I love the commitment and determination they all share. It’s exciting to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm!

7) What is unique about bespoke tailoring for women?

The uniqueness comes from our alikeness- every woman wants something that fits perfectly!

8) What’s the most exciting thing you are working on?

For myself, a totally transitional boilersuit, with plenty of surprises.