Treasures From Chatsworth, Episode 11

Treasures from Chatsworth EPISODE 11 - THE DEVONSHIRE PARURE

Conceived by Sotheby’s and presented by Huntsman, ‘Treasures from Chatsworth’ celebrates the Cavendish family’s centuries-long passion for art and collecting. Conceived by Sotheby’s and presented by Huntsman, ‘Treasures from Chatsworth’ celebrates the Cavendish family’s centuries-long passion for art and collecting. The partnership between Huntsman and the Sotheby’s series, strikes a chord with the heritage that Huntsman represents . The way in which contemporary designs are influenced by those of previous generations of craftsmen resonates with the stories that Sotheby’s has woven through this series of films. Watch Episode 11 of Treasures from Chatsworth, Presented by Huntsman and Produced by Sotheby's CLASSIC CREATIONS: EXPLORING HUNTSMAN'S ARCHIVE It’s a highlight of working at Huntsman that the past regularly walks in through the door. The tailors see vintage garments returned for new buttons and linings, for resizing for younger family members or even for converting into new outfits. It’s a chance to be reacquainted with the choices of decades past: identical or different cloth, cuts and styles. The shop is also home to a growing archive of wonderful pieces, some donated, others bought at auction, and a few newer prototypes. Here, the team introduce a few of their personal favourites from the collection. huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-1huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-2 “This full-length mink coat is from the 1930s I think. It’s so glamorous. The sleeves are very full and the rolling collar runs right down to the bottom of the coat. I love the long A-line skirt. You could wear it today without looking out of place. I wish it could talk, as it was made for Wallis Simpson’s lawyer’s wife!“ – Annette Akselberg, Cutter

“The general idea of what we do is comfort with elegance. What we make should make you look fantastic. And if you’ve got an extensive wardrobe there’s more scope to experiment. Our jackets are head turners.” – Dario Carnera, Head Cutter

huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-4 Driving suit huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-3 “We made this driving suit for Marc Newson, when he was driving a vintage Ferrari in the Mille Miglia. Everything’s thought about: pockets for his mobile, sunglasses, a map, some coins for when he stops for an espresso. It’s really comfortable: big curves in the sleeves, a ridiculously long leg, so he’s got room to move in that little cockpit.” – Campbell Carey, Creative Director “I had an idea to do a ladies’ version of the smoking jacket. The velvet is pure cotton; it’s edged with satin and lined with silk, so it feels wonderful. I’d wear it with a plain little dress, a slip or perhaps with trousers. There’s far more opportunity to mix things up these days." - Annette Akselberg, Cutter huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-6 Lieutenant Colonel's jacket “This jacket belonged to a Lieutenant Colonel in the 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays), a cavalry regiment. It’s a close fit, like a second skin. It’s so heavy it must’ve been very uncomfortable. But I’m told the warmth of the wool could keep soldiers alive if they fell injured.” – Carol Pierce, General Manager huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-7 “You have to see this on – it’s stunning. A gorgeous line, right down to the floor, darts, a high waist, and so much fabric in the skirt, it moves beautifully. It’s 1920s or 30s. The silk’s a little worn in places but the barleycorn check is like new. Daisy (Huntsman’s PR and Marketing Manager) wore it at a party recently, everybody thought it was contemporary Gucci” – Campbell Carey, Creative Director huntsman-journal-sothebys-episode-11-image-5 “They really are special garments. Having the privilege of wearing some myself, people notice. You can’t help standing to attention in our jackets.” - Annette Akselberg, Cutter Words by Emma Lawson