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Bespoke Shirt Making is an important part of Huntsman’s story. We have offered bespoke shirting for most of the twentieth century, and now in 2021, we’re pleased to welcome back to Huntsman renowned Shirt Maker Sean OFlynn, who injects a renewed enthusiasm and the very highest standards to our bespoke shirting.

Choosing a bespoke shirt guarantees a fit and feel that is as comfortable as a second skin, and will be a pleasure to live, work and play in, and creating your shirt requires only a few additional measures to those you’d expect for a suit or coat. Next time you visit us for a bespoke appointment tell your cutter you’d like to be measured for a bespoke shirt and we can take your measurements in the same fitting.

Choosing Huntsman as your Bespoke Shirtmaker guarantees the level of service and quality that we’re renowned for, with the added convenience of keeping it ‘in-house’ saving you time and effort. You can order your entire bespoke wardrobe from the same tailor, with the assurance that you’re receiving the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

But it’s more than just convenience that makes all the difference. When it comes to style, our team knows what works best for you. Take the guesswork out of building your wardrobe and peruse the perfect cotton business shirts whilst you’re picking your pinstripe suiting, or relaxed linens to complement your summer seersucker trousers.

“I started work at Huntsman in 1977. The West-End bespoke trade, at that time, was bustling and vibrant. Soho was a labyrinth of sweatshops and fabric suppliers. The Beatles studio in Savile Row was a place of pilgrimage for tourists and fans alike! One of mypersonal favourite Savile Row celebrities was the late great Tommy Nutter who honoured me with the offer of a job. The essence of Savile Row and West-End bespoke tailoringis the same as it always was with a dedicated team of artisans producing the finest quality garments for the discerning clientele.”

Sean originally began his bespoke shirt making career in 1977 when he joined Huntsman as an apprentice, aged 16 years old. Now, he’s returned home with the reputation of one of the finest Shirt Makers in London. It is with pride that we welcome Sean back to 11 Savile Row, meaning that Huntsman clients can now enjoy the finest quality bespoke shirting to compliment their Huntsman bespoke tailoring.

It is the vibrant style and culture of London’s West End that inspires Sean. His love of casual elegance, quality and craftsmanship remain central to his ethos of producing all bespoke shirts to the highest standard. The style and fit of a bespoke shirt is essential to looking great and feeling comfortable. Sean and his team create shirts that fit perfectly. For wear day in and out, shirts that fit and feel as comfortable as a second skin.

As with Huntsman bespoke tailoring, all of the shirts are cut and made entirely on site at 11 Savile Row, as Sean and his team take residence in our workrooms, enabling Sean to be involved in every step of the construction process and guaranteeing the very highest standard of shirt.

Step 1:

The process starts with a full set of measurements, which include collar, chest, waist, back and front shoulder, hips, sleeve-length and general figuration

Step 2:

A pattern is then draughted. A sample shirt is cut and constructed followed by an initial fitting. The final fitting happens after the customer has worn and laundered the shirt several times at which point alterations will be made to the pattern if needed.

Step 3:

All of the shirts are cut and made entirely on site enabling Sean to be involved in every step of the construction process. Communication between Sean and the team is essential not only for maintaining quality but also for attention to detail as this is the very essence of bespoke.

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