Visionary Elegance: Huntsman and E.B. Meyrowitz Launch A New Eyewear Collaboration

Through bespoke craftsmanship and a shared commitment to design and heritage, this new collaboration has resulted in a collection of eyewear that seamlessly blends sophistication, style, and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from both brands' rich sartorial legacies, the Huntsman x E.B. Meyrowitz collaboration exemplifies the fusion of tradition and innovation within contemporary luxury fashion. Collaborations between esteemed brands often yield extraordinary results, showcasing the intersection of heritage and innovation. The partnership between Huntsman and E.B. Meyrowitz is a testament to this ethos, bringing together two icons of craftsmanship to create a unique eyewear collection that captures the essence of timeless elegance.


For Huntsman, creating the world’s finest handcrafted clothes requires partnerships that can match the finest handcrafted accessories. The Huntsman x E.B. Meyrowitz collaboration represents a harmonious fusion of two distinct worlds: bespoke tailoring and bespoke eyewear. Classic silhouettes are reimagined with modern flair, incorporating subtle design elements that pay homage to the heritage of both Huntsman and E.B. Meyrowitz. When it comes to craftsmanship, both Huntsman and E.B. Meyrowitz have time-honoured and tested practices that require the skill, labour, and experience of bespoke artisans. Each of the frames is constructed in the traditional manner in the E.B. Meyrowitz workshop in Hampton and takes just over a full day’s work from start to finish. Adding to the sartorial prowess of this collection, gradient tints add a little more flair to the aesthetic of each pair of sunglasses, giving them a classic yet playful demeanour to their feel. For this limited edition collection, the inside of each sunglasses arm has been etched with E.B. Meyrowitz x Huntsman.

The new eyewear collection retails at £995 and is available in limited quantity in-store at Huntsman, 11 Savile Row, now or by bespoke commission, with lead times of 4-5 weeks.


Discover the collection now.



The Collection

The Neutra
An architectural heavyweight, The Neutra boasts solid, double-bar bridgework coupled with a sharp top line in a contemporary build.

The Grosvenor
A wonderfully bold number, The Grosvenor offers an exceptionally elegant yet highly robust aesthetic. A rich and distinguished take on the classical panto shape.

The McQueen
An easy number, The McQueen boasts a notched top line and a cool teardrop rim structure. A perfect piece for a summer on the road.

The Savoy
Furnishing thick set contours and exceptional triple pinning, The Savoy is a timeless style combining relaxed rectangular curves and robust rims. A frame that leaves a lasting impression on any viewer.