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Huntsman Gold Seal: Cervelt

The ultimate in luxury, and exclusive to Huntsman



Some of nature’s greatest treasures are to be found only in the very smallest of quantities. Such is Cervelt. Softer and lighter than cashmere, this fibre is rich in qualities that make it ideal for dressing the modern gentleman. Yet it is 200 times scarcer than gold. No surprise then that it is known as the ‘diamond of luxury fibres’.
Introduced to New Zealand in 1851, the majestic red deer adapted to its new environment by producing a thin layer of natural down which trapped air, keeping the animal warm against the north winds blowing up from Antarctica. The fibre’s properties were recognised by many, not least the intrepid explorer Captain Scott who took a sleeping bag lined with deer pelts on his trip to the North Pole. However, it was only in 2004 that Cervelt was successfully manufactured using processes that continue to be perfected today.

Amazingly, only 20 grams of the fibre can be collected from each deer, making large-scale production an impossibility. Not only is Cervelt immensely rare, it is also the first commercial natural down fibre to be presented to the market in over 200 years.

Rarity is one thing. Excellence is another. And Cervelt offers a combination of characteristics extraordinarily well-suited to elegant modern living. Measuring just 13 microns, the fibre is finer than cashmere and, because it is consistent through its length, it presents a more uniform finish and will not pill. It has a natural wavy curl, giving the finished fabric a resilience and strength, keeping it looking good through many years of regular wear. And it has a natural flex and elasticity, which helps to keep creases at bay.

For Huntsman clients Campbell Carey, Creative Director, has developed an exclusive Hopsack design. “I wanted a fabric that allowed for breathability and comfort due to its open weave, whilst still maintaining plenty of body and a good handle.” It is a further feature of the fibre that it can both absorb and release moisture, providing comfort on a humid city visit or a cool, clear country morning. With a yarn count of 2/28, it is light and easy to wear too.

In choosing a vibrant yet subtle shade of French navy blue, Campbell has created the opportunity to commission a jacket that stands apart from the traditional somber navy blue blazer. An exclusive fabric, available in a very limited run, cut to the classic Huntsman silhouette: this is the kind of subtle, stylish statement that will place you in the most select of circles.

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