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The Huntsman
Tweed Experience


-Heritage Starts Here- 

For more than a hundred years Huntsman has created distinctive tweed collections, it’s no wonder that we’ve been dubbed ‘The House of Bespoke Tweed’. 

Now it’s your turn.

Choose a design and pick out your colours: we’ll put all our expertise and technical know-how at your disposal. From your bolt of cloth will come a Huntsman jacket bespoke to you, and the opportunity to outfit generations to come.

-Let Us Inspire You –

When it comes to creating your unique tweed design, the legendary Huntsman archive will act as our starting point. It’s a resource that our own Creative Director Campbell Carey cherishes in all of his new tweed development and we are pleased to share with you.

 In these vintage cloths you’ll find checks like herringbone, Prince of Wales, barleycorn, houndstooth – names to conjure with – and colour and pattern combinations to inspire. 

“I look at our archives and I see the land in the tweed.

The pinks and greys of granite, the purple and browns of

heather and moor” 

–  Campbell Carey, Creative Director

An extensive collection of yarn cards will open a new world of choices to you, for base colour and overcheck. You’ll find creativity flows whilst looking through the ledger, seeing decades of iconic tweeds in their true representation of colour and patterns.

Huntsman’s commitment to innovation helps you bring tradition bang up to date, with yarns in lighter weights, bolder designs and imaginative use of colour that suits modern life. Let your imagination roam, with the advice and guidance of our Bespoke Specialists to help shape your vision. Where once a Scottish laird would choose colours that merged like camouflage into his land, now a client might pick out three distinctive yarns to represent each of his sons. Though our reasons change, the creative process remains the same.

-An Experience Like None Other-

Huntsman is the only House on Savile Row to boast its own handloom and to offer clients the opportunity to create their own signature tweed and have it sampled in House.

From initial consultation to creation, clients can fine-tune their tweed design No. 11, in the comfort of Huntsman Club.  No need for lengthy waiting times for samples from remote woollen mills. You can now enjoy the satisfaction of your tweed roll off the Huntsman loom in the form of a test blanket, offering a highly personalised and truly bespoke experience.

Working with our Cloth Development Specialist to create a tweed exactly to your specification your design will come to life as a sample blanket on the Huntsman handloom.

Only once we have the physical manifestation of your perfect tweed will it be produced in full in our partner mill in Scotland.

But that’s really just the beginning of your bespoke tweed experience. 

-A legacy to last for generations-

Every bespoke Huntsman garment is special. But when that garment is cut from a tweed that you designed, it gives you a sense of distinction that takes tailoring from an art form to a legacy.

The opportunity to create something so distinctively yours is an honour in itself. But knowing you have created a unique family tweed for future generations to enjoy goes beyond personal luxury.

Let your imagination run wild. Whether your tweed represents the colours of your old school, the individuality of your three sons, or the warmth of your favourite whisky, it’s time to start your own tradition.

Designing a unique tweed and having it woven in an ancient Scottish mill is the consummate sartorial statement. Watching the very first sample of your tweed roll off the Huntsman loom at 11 Savile Row is an experience never to be forgotten. 

Be sure to ask about our bespoke tweed experience next time you visit us in-store chat to us to start your own tweed experience.

– Tweed Experience Patrons-

Discover for yourself some of our noteworthy patrons who have created their own signature tweeds with Huntsman.

Hamish Bowles Tweed

Nicole Kidman Tweed

Eric Clapton Tweeds

Gregory Peck Tweeds

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