Bespoke Businesswear For Women: Reclaiming Style & Power

“You can feel beautiful and you can be serious. There’s no reason your femininity should compromise your authority.” 

- Magdalena Handwerker, Head Ladieswear Cutter

One of the most frequent questions posed by our female clients is; how can I make my work attire look and feel as flattering and feminine as the rest of my wardrobe?

Frequently, businesswear is where so many women feel a style disconnect, when in fact, tailoring that makes you look and feel confident in a professional sphere is where it matters most. With an abundance of reputable options available to men, but significantly less so catering to women, a women’s choice of tailor has never been more important.

 Too often, poorly planned ladies tailoring can appear as a less successful imitation of its male counterpart, altered without consideration to or respect for the differences in silhouette, shape or proportion. That’s why every really great suit doesn’t start with a skirt or with shoulder pads; it starts with a conversation. Understanding you, your requirements and your style. 

At Huntsman we’re passionate about sharing the message that we’re not just a gentleman’s tailor who makes suits for women, we are also in every respect, a dedicated womenswear tailor.

Huntsman has outfitted extraordinary and inspiring women since our founding in 1849, and in recent years, and with the appointment of our Head Ladieswear Cutter, Magdalena Handwerker, have re-avowed our commitment to creating the most exquisite bespoke womenswear. Under Magdalena’s tenure, our bespoke ladieswear department as flourished and diversified; and today we’re proud to offer a comprehensive service, with garments for business, leisure and travel.

 From the Huntsman archive- Katherine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, all clients who conjure emotive ideas of style and authority- but, how to these historical trailblazers relate to the demands of the contemporary woman in business? The secret, says Magdalena, is in the power of individuality. “Recognising that every woman is different, and yet every women is alike in their desire to feel elegant, to feel empowered and to feel confident. That is the success that every Huntsman women shares” 

Whether on a personal or professional stage, when it comes to ladies tailoring, we believe that individuality and personality reign supreme. As Magdalena says, when it comes to women's suiting “You can feel powerful and you can be serious. There’s no reason your femininity should compromise your authority.” 

Because the future is female, when you come to planning your professional wardrobe don’t compromise on style -  and you’ll be amazed how a well cut suit will make you stand a little straighter and walk a little taller, with tailored garments that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, and that you’ll love just as much.

Magdalena is available for regular bespoke appointments at 11 Savile Row, and you can join her at our dedicated New York Ladies Trunk Show on the 15th - 16th of September.

Speak to us now, to make your appointment.